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This is very soothing and luxurious to use. It relaxes me and my skin feels amazing after

Jeremy L
Smooth comfortable roller

"It feels nice rolling on your skin, the geranium stays cool, was best during this hot summer. The physical mechanism is quite smooth, and the fit and form are excellent. Its sort of like a massage for your face with the geranium stones gently working your skin. It works more of your skin at a time than a jade roller, so it might be a time saver using this one."

feels great around my eyes

"I've never really been one to purchase these sort of items, but was excited to give it a try. It is packed in a nice box with a piece of foam. There is a cut out that the wand fits in. I kept the box and use it to store the wand in. The wand has a good weight to it, and rolls easily. The room that I keep it in is cool, so the metal is always cold and feels nice on my face. I have put it in the fridge a couple of times if I wanted it to be really cold. I use it mostly around my eyes. The tip of the roller is curved, so it rolls very smoothly over my eye lids as well as under my eyes. I have been having sinus headaches so the coolness and rolling motion feels really nice across my eyes. I've also used it on my temples as well as up the back of my neck for tension and it has worked great.
As for how it works lifting up the skin, I don't know. I've only been using it for a couple of weeks now. I am going to keep using it though - so maybe that will be an added bonus that I will notice down the road."

feels a lot better on the softer parts of your face

"This is an unique face massager/lymphatic drain massager. i like it much better than gua sha massage.
It's just a simple roller. Because the rolling part is angular and has geranium nubs, it gets a bit of traction so it spins as you move it around your face, so you do get a unique up and down massage, not a flattening feeling.
It feels a lot better on the softer parts of your face, like your cheeks and chin. In places where you have less muscle and fat, such as your forehead, the feeling is a lot more bumpy."

Feels very good on the face!

"I have several gua sha tools for facial massage, and I always like to try something new. This massager feels very good on the face. It rolls over skin nicely and it’s cool to the touch. It comes in a nice box with full instructions for use. As you can see in my photos, it’s not purple… at least, the one I received is not purple… it’s a very pretty Rose Gold, though, and I love it! I highly recommend this facial roller."