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Need to use with product. Does not come with solution to

Very easy to use. Arrived quickly and packaged nicely.


"High-quality authentic derma beauty pen. Durable and sturdy. Easy to use and works great for a variety of skin issues. Charges quickly, and lightweight."

Be good
it's pretty cool but not for me

"If you are REALLY into skincare and REALLY knowledgeable about it, this is a great product. For me, this was a miss, for a few reasons. 1) I wasn't sure which cartridge to use for which benefit and the instructions didn't describe it very well. I had to spend a lot of time researching it - this isn't something you want to mess up! 2) The cartridges are one-time use. Good for cleanliness, not so good for waste. I didn't easily find where to purchase replacements. I think this is a cool concept but only if you can commit to regularly using it, have the funds to buy replacement cartridges, and know what you are doing. For the average person, it's just not going to be worth it."

At home microneedleing made easy!

"This machine combines the treatment of a micro-needling roller with the convenience of a serum-filled wand - I could be sold! The package comes with the machine itself plus several cartridges that can be pre-filled with your favorite treatment serum, when you finish the treatment you simply throw away the cartridges, and no sterilization is necessary. Seems easy enough."

Quality device, but caution is necessary

"As an esthetician, I love the results of microneedling. This, like most Dr Pen devices I've tried, is quality design and mechanics. The cartridges to hold the serum is a game changer in ease and function."