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Chandhi Black
So far so good

"I like the options as far as number of needles and depth of penetration. I've used it twice, 8 days apart, with hyaluronic and polyglumatic acid serums. Definite improvement in shrinking pores and one stubborn blackhead that I've been battling for years. Would definitely recommend but also caution not to over use it. I have a bad habit of over processing my skin to its detriment. Patience is crucial with this product for great results"

Definitely worth trying…

"This one’s for my wife, not me, although if I can use it to grow hair on my bald patch, I’m all for it. My wife is an aficionado of all things face and skin care. She has the face masks, the gua sha stones, the jade roller, the creams, serums, etc. I don’t even pretend to know how it all works.
The theory behind microneedling is to make tiny holes or abrasions in the skin that make it absorb face creams and serums much better. You can get the same treatment in a spa, but you’d better be prepared to open your wallet because it’s not cheap. I believe this is Dr. Pen’s entry level kit, and the kit plus the cartridges is probably cheaper than what you would pay for one treatment in a salon. You’ll have to order additional cartridges for the derma pen, but they’re not expensive."

I had no idea how much I would love it!

"This pen was so easy to use! Read the manual first though, and have it handy during your first treatment so you can quickly refer to it. My skin was literally glowing after I did a treatment with serum! I'm so excited to use this weekly if not more!"

My skin is glowing like never before

I love this pen. I had very textured skin. After using the pen, my skin is literally glowing and feels so supple. Game changer

Solid product and easy to use

"This is my 1st time using a Dr. Pen and I am so happy I bought it. I love that the M8S charges very quickly and comes with a user manual that explains how to use, depth etc. This product feels very solid and comes with a case for storage. Can't wait for my next treatment, wrinkles must go, I am getting up in age. lol"