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Good quality

"I really like this Dr.Pen Ultima M8 Microneedling Pen Professional, Wireless Micro Needling Derma Auto Pen Kit for Face and Body. It’s easy to see that it is made very well and has the same effect as getting microdermabrasion. I much more prefer to use this in the privacy of my home than paying for expensive treatments. I look forward to seeing the results with continued use. It’s made very well and should definitely last for years of use."

Daniela Perez
Beautiful skin

"This is one of the best treatments I’ve done at a Facialist , and now , I can do it myself , and this product is a very high end one , I super recommend"

Beth Jackson
Easy to use!!

Love this do it on myself and a couple friends!!


"I liked that it was pretty easy to use because I'm a beginner in trying to use tools like this to help in my own appearance. I had no prior experience and it was easier than I expected but I was nervous but now I'm feeling more confident and definitely learning as I go but after about 3 weeks I really started to notice the difference. I feel continued use in this tool is necessary but I do feel like it does renew my skin, giving me a more youthful and fresh face appearance. Also I notice it has helped to minimize the appearance of my discoloration age spots on my face from sun exposure."

Alejandra Hanks
excelente calidad

me encanta