7 Color LED Device Photon Light Skin Rejuvenation Therapy Facial Skin Care Machine

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beautimate 7 Color Photon LED Device

Favored by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Jessica Alba, Chrissy Teigen, and Kate Hudson, as part of their latest treatment for anti-aging and skin radiance. LED Phototherapy Device treatment is painless, affordable and suitable for all skin types. By using different wavelengths of light it can treat different skin conditions, and by using light therapy that absorbs into the skin at varying depths, this treatment improves skin tone, clarity and radiance.

This machine uses the principle of photodynamic therapy, which stimulates skin rejuvenation and reverses aging. 

When the light is absorbed by the skin, light energy is converted into intracellular energy, causing a photo chemical reaction that;

  • Relaxes and strengthens the blood vessels
  • Blocks and eliminates melanin formation.
  • Accelerates cell growth
  • Increases blood circulation
  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Increases skin elasticity
  • Treats acne, sun spots and sunburn.

How often:

  • 10-15 minutes for each treatment and 3-4 treatment a week, reduce to 1-2 treatment a week once the result shown. 

How to Use:

  • Clean your face and neck and let them dry
  • Connect the 3 side together and plug in power cable 
  • Select desired color and time
  • Lay underneath device and use provided eye protection
  • You can change from solid color to changing colors
  • Be sure to wear provided eye protection

In the box:

  • Package Include:
  • LED Device with 3 Sides
  • Power adapter and cable
  • Eye Protection
  • User Manual

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