Electric Gua Sha V Line Face Sculpting Massage Tool Heat & Sonic Vibration Face Scraper

$ 29.95 $ 99.95
  • AN ANCIENT MASSAGE TOOL, REINVENTED: Upgrade your skincare routine with beautimate's face sculptor. Based on an ancient Chinese healing/anti-aging massage technique, our face sculptor adds in modern skincare methods, to further enhance your skincare benefits.
  • POWERFUL ALL-IN-ONE BEAUTY MASSAGE: Scrape skin and soft tissue with the added benefits of HEAT, VIBRATION AND RED, BLUE & PURPLE LIGHT. Stimulate blood circulation, relax and smooth tense face/neck/jaw muscles, de-puff and improve skin elasticity. Bring back the youthful glow of your skin.
  • 4 MASSAGE MODES: Choose the mode that is most appropriate to boost your skincare needs:
  • 1.) Heat + Red LED: Warms and opens pores, promotes blood circulation.
  • 2.) Vibration + Purple LED: Relieves fatigue and tightens skin.
  • 3.) Vibration + Blue LED: Helps skin absorb serum or lotion, smoothes skin.
  • 4.) Heat + Vibration + Red & Blue LED: Stimulates collagen, improves overall skin condition.
  • CRAFTED WITH A SMART DESIGN: The face sculptor is designed with smooth curves that easily glide over the contours of your skin. The tip can be used for trigger point massage, to smooth and relax tense areas.
  • PORTABLE AND LIGHTWEIGHT FOR ON-THE-GO USE: Easily store your face sculptor tool in your make-up bag for a quick facial massage any time, anywhere. Easily charge with USB Port.

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